Chris Martin 2024 Brussels Belgium
The Fender Stratocaster Polar white with the floyd rose The Floyd is changed with a German black fitted with Titanium bits same for the head I kept the original single coil because they are great and fitted the bridge one with a noiseless Wanted to have the extra switch position for Neck and Bridge and NMB A tone control with a push pull A black 400volt Sony cap at 0.47 uF with the original Fender pot is the tone roll that pleased me  
So here the Fender special edition with the Ebony neck but changed to my favorite neck signed Fender and Roland As well I kept the original Fender coil with the fender noiseless I put the noiseless in the middle as a change for the Polar guitar and yes it is a whole new sound menu Same for the switching it s a 5 + a pushpull You will notice the saddle are different and on all my Strat they are roller brass it helps keep the tuning a lot believe me.   Tone control with 0.47 Uf 400 volt black japan I use 0.47 because I like the roll off
Here we go for a different story but because I am not here to feed AI with whats in my brain i will talk basic! If it is all Fender it is also my vision of it! The Fender G5 V guitar did not last long for my taste as it was and i decided to butcher the heart of it for something rock and wild The original wood cut was perfect and I did not change a bit and all my circuits found the place in it It was a lot of thinking and it all started almost 10 ago. Today I would not engage in such work. Time have change and so motivation for what tomorrow should be. If I had to compare this work to something I would go back in time to the mellotron The fairlight the Arp and many others, nothing was stable but it all work and was very inspiring The guitar is in his case ready for the aliens if they want to have a go with it. I have made a manual because it is really needed nothing is there to make it easy for you believe me it is like Steno once you know you really go fast! I gave the name FENDER ADVANCED to this guitar…and it still is! no joke
The Stratocaster
Copyright tofmelon brussels 2008
All guitars FENDER hardware and cosmetic modification
Noiseless at the bridge ,German original Floyd Titanium and button with pointer
Noiseless in the middle,22 radius neck,Fender bridge Brass roller,pointer on knobs,chrome vibrato handler
BRUSSELS music Christian MAERTEN Recorded with the Takamine TNV360S world best recording acoustic guitar
The 2 splendid Polar with the floyd .The one on the left is a marvel of phase cabling if i would compare the tonal i would refer to the famous Les Paul Recording low imp. guitar. October 2023
What more interesting is to know from left to right the weigh of each guitar Polar HSS 3.797 Kg Limited Edition Ferrari 3.480 Kg Polar Original floyd 3.697 Kg Each guitar includes ONE noiseless Fender coil and a push-pull switch at the tone for extra pickup configuration
What about this one ? Here a gorgeous SSS with the bridge noise less and the floyd with 3 black anti-resonance springs Ma ohh ma I love this one guys !  Created the 11/10/2023 by Chris Martin