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The Fender Telecaster player plus Nashville Cosmic There was no Nashville for this model I installed a Fender single coil noiseless vintage I reversed the control board as I did not want the pickup selector right at my hand changed button black to white A tone control with a pushpull for the classic Nashville A black 400volt Sony cap at 0.47 uF for an interesting roll off at the bridge pickup    In all my Telecaster I have saddles with brass roller. Do it and you will know why!
I wanted this guitar for one reason! I'll tell you why later! Fender Player Plus Nashville Telecaster PF Opal Spark I mostly kept everything as orginal if only to reversed the control board and to swap the PF neck with other guitar neck and to change the noiseless single coil with a neck noiseless pickup. It is now a great look and twang twang sound from hell As it is with the 0.47 Uf I have all the twang I want and a guitar that I take out of the case to play and compose songs
It all started a while ago when i got this FENDER plus Butter scotch Nashville Telecaster If it is all Fender it is also my vision of it with one little detail! I wanted something woody for this guitar When I saw the telecaster PF opal Spark i tough NICE!! This neck would be great on my Butter scotch! and here s the new cake guys Saw in some guitar this humbucker and it intrigued me. I made a pickguard for it and with the single noiseless Fender coil to keep it all Nashville somehow Yes also reversed the control board and the saddle with brass roller for sound and sustain Notice how close is the noiseless to the humbucker and wider distance with the bridge pickup.Try it and you will know why or perhaps ask a similation to AI.I heard that that guy knows it all The Pau Ferro neck is a strange beast feeling and great if action is not too low.The style of material and color is just perfect for the Butter scotch About the humbucker FENDER this pickup is underrated it is beautiful warm quite you close your eyes and you know you are in the Fender world with the Nashville all is just perfect
Fender guitar case
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What I really like with this FENDER Telecaster mexican serie Plus and Nashville is the interactive painting.Never twice the same and so its good because I never play twice my songs the same
The Telecaster and Nashville
What is my thinking of Pau Ferro neck feel ? I will condence it this way ! 2 I do not want  1 I love it ! I dont know about the Stratocaster but this my feel for my telecasters
Ballade for Erika music Christian MAERTEN Recorded with the Takamine TNV360S world best recording acoustic guitar
Cosmic weight 3,830 Kg
Opal weight 3,785 Kg
Butter scotch weight 4,100 Kg
This butter scotch tint really shine beautiful tone variety  Love it very much and this wide range pickup just unique sounding !